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June 14, 2016

On 12th June, 2016, BJP leaders accused Uttar Pradesh state government for alleging Kairana, a small town in the state of Uttar Pradesh for anti-Hindu activities. BJP termed it as “not good” for democracy and expressed serious concerns over migration of Hindus from Kairana due to “threat and extortion by criminal elements belonging to a particular community”. It was a black day in the history of UP when few media houses like Zee News acted as a catalyst and targeted #KairanaExodus without actually looking into the matter and agitating the unity in the state.

Hukum Singh, a BJP MP, issued a list of 346 Hindus who have reportedly left the district due to increasing threat in the area by a ‘particular caste’. It is remarkable how immaculately the Akhilesh Yadav-led Uttar Pradesh government tackled the whole situation and refrained from commenting without any proof. At the same time, other news channels and media houses investigated the situation from their end. And the final out come, shocked one and all!

The #ViralJhoot was finally exposed.

The list was looked into by the Uttar Pradesh Police and every single person was covered to get the real story behind the migration. Many families had migrated 15-20 years back in search of better opportunities and education. The list was proven to be fake; and the whole incident was termed as BJP’s pre-election conspiracy on social media platforms.

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Many accused the BJP for not having any development work to showcase and hoping communal polarisation will help them get votes in Assembly Elections 2017. The BJP Persident, Amit Shah and Hukum Singh, an accused in Muzzafarnagar riots, are being framed for this conspiracy. The apparently ‘Pro-Hindu’ party had done similar things in the past which are ‘conveniently’ planned around important elections to bring about disharmony in the state.

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Uttar Pradesh has always been a state with religious confluence and the Akhilesh Yadav-led state government has always tried to maintain the status. The list provided by BJP was fake and the actual list can be found attached here:


The fake news about #KairanaExodus was picked up by the people on social media but as soon as the truth about #ViralJhooth was exposed, people were left infuriated.

Here are a few tweets from twitter which got trending on #ViralJhooth





We can only hope that people are more responsible on social media and share actual facts. The Uttar Pradesh government has always strived to keep the harmony of the state balanced, it is extremely sad when someone tries to disrupt it for their personal benefits.

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