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The human race is a two-winged bird. One wing is female the other is male. Unless both wings are equally
developed, the human race will not be able to fly.Now more than ever, the cause of women is the cause of mankind.

– Boutros Ghali

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav distribute 8,000 free laptops to students , in Ghaziabad on Monday. Photo by-Parveen negi

 March 3, 2016

Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

Uttar Pradesh has had an interesting record in terms of its gender report card. There is a great tradition of women poets, scholars and fighters and it also had the first woman Governor and first Chief Minister. Uttar Pradesh declared its Women’s Policy expressing its commitment to gender justice in 2006. The policy purports to work towards giving control to women over their own lives in terms of both resource and ideology. A significant development has been noticed in the networking of women’s groups. Increased participation of women in Panchayats has also raised hope.

In Uttar Pradesh, CM Akhilesh Yadav’s government has taken “historical” decisions for empowering women and ensuring their safety which have started to “show results”. The government has started schemes for their education, economic independence and health concerns and they are now showing results.

Akhilesh Yadav’s government has cited various government run schemes of women empowerment like ‘1090′ Women power line, a 1090 mobile application, constituting the Rani Lakshmibai Mahila Samman Kosh that aims to ensure monetary and medical relief including reconstructive surgeries to women who are victims of violence and also for educational assistance, minor children of such victims are given educational and medical assistance when required. Through this organization, assistance is provided for those women/girl children who may not be direct victims of violence but require critical social and economic empowerment. He has also launched the Kanya Vidya Dhan which is given to class XII pass girls for higher education. Other good practices like Dampatti Puraskar Yojna, Hamari Beti Uska Kal, Aasha Jyoti Kendra, Pink autos for Lucknow eves for a safe ride and Sheroes hangout to acid attack victims are the provisions that Uttar Pradesh government has gifted to women.

This year, Uttar Pradesh government is celebrating the power of women by honouring 86 women with the “Rani Lakshmibai Award” to honour the spirit of daughters of who have reached the success.

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