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Voting Day is Not a Day of Rest


It’s an interesting time, right before the country’s most populous state elections. Between Facebook, Twitter, Cable TV, Radio Talks, Blogs, and Online Newspapers and Magazines, there’s no dearth of elections coverage, no way to get out of the loop unless you make a conscious effort to do so or you live in a van down by the river. And even a van can be equipped with Internet!

So, what do we do? As the elections roll around, we want to fulfil our civic duty, and so we read, research and pay attention to everything for choosing the best neta.

In contrast, some treat the voting day as a day of rest. It’s a general tendency among us to treat the polling day as holiday or a leisure day. While, skipping the vote may not seem to cause any harm though its long-term consequences are disastrous.

Here’s why every citizen must cast his/her vote:

Voting – A Responsibility


Voting is as much a responsibility as it is a right. The whole edifice of Indian democracy is built on the foundation of voting. If citizens are not careful about casting their vote or skip their vote altogether, it will jeopardize the existence of our democratic Republic.

Get Your Voice Heard

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Elections give us a unique chance to raise our voices about many of the issues we care about. In a state like Uttar Pradesh, different regions have different concerns and priorities. The process of voting allows every citizen to have a say in the matters of importance, by voting for the best candidate. Whether you vote or not, someone will be elected. And that someone will be elected as YOUR Neta, making decisions that affect you and your state for many years to come.

Every Vote Counts


If you feel that a single vote does not make any difference, then you are wrong. However, the balance tilts when this becomes a national attitude and lakhs, perhaps crores of votes are not cast. By casting your vote, you may not necessarily be able to get the best candidate elected, but by avoiding casting your vote you improve the chances of the unsuitable ones winning the polls.

Voting – An Honour and Duty Towards Nation


Finally, voting is an honour conferred on us by our founding fathers. By exercising their right to vote, citizens demonstrate their respect for the history of the country. It is our duty as responsible citizens to make informed decisions and choose the best leader from those presented. Moreover, with reforms like Right to Reject gaining wider support, it wouldn’t be long before the system of elections is improved.

So, make yourself heard during this election season in Uttar Pradesh. Your vote really counts!

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