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Image Source - www.livemint.com

Image Source – www.livemint.com


June 27, 2016

Uttar Pradesh has been taking several initiatives to ensure reliable power supply in rural areas and has become the first state to come up with a Mini-Grid policy.

 The state under the leadership of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has surpasses the NDA government in achieving its target of completing rural electrification of revenue villages in Uttar Pradesh. The electrification scheme involves the following:

  1. A village is said to be electrified only if the electrified households are a minimum of 10%; for the villages that are un-electrified.
  2. Basic infrastructure such as transformers and distribution lines are made available in the inhabited locality, within the revenue boundary of the village including at least one Dalit Basti.
  3. Public places like schools, panchayat offices, health centres, dispensaries, and community centres can avail power supply on demand.
  4. The ratings of transformers and distribution lines to be provided in the village should be finalized as per the anticipated number of connections decided in consultation with the Panchayat or Zila Parishad or District Administration.


Completing the target before deadline

Image Source – thehindu.com

Image Source – thehindu.com

According to the Centre’s norms for identifying villages for rural electrification programme, Uttar Pradesh has 97,000 revenue villages where electrification was to be completed. The NDA government has set a target of achieving 100% electrification of revenue villages by 2018. However, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has electrified all the revenue villages claiming to have completed the state’s target; nearly 2 years before the Centre’s deadline.

Uttar Pradesh government also plans to continue electrification of hamlets and villages that are outside the purview of the rural electrification.


Improving the Quality of Lives

Image Source - www.photoburst.net

Image Source – www.photoburst.net

Samajwadi Party government plans to continue its efforts in providing electricity to rural areas in the state to improve the quality of lives and uplift the economy. The state has also tied up with Rockefeller Foundation for its Smart Power for Rural Development initiative that aims to deliver electricity and catalyse economic development among under-served rural population in 1,000 villages in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, by 2018.

The government intends to complete its target of supplying 24 hours of power to big cities, 20 hours to Bundelkhand and district headquarters, 16 hours at block levels, and 10-12 hours of power supply to UP’s electrified villages.

Apart from electrifying rural villages, CM Akhilesh Yadav has recently announced the launch of Energy Department’s Debut on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and launched a helpline-1912 for the power department. He has also inaugurated a series of new sub-stations in various parts of the state.


Uttar Hamara feels great to share the good news and expects to see a steady growth in the number of electricity generation plants in Uttar Pradesh by the year end.

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