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Uttar Pradesh Tops the List of Leading Mobile Manufacturing States in India



December 26, 2016

Like many industries, manufacturing is a sector that is constantly evolving. It’s easy to understand how mobile manufacturing is revolutionising and has been the biggest driver behind the digital growth in recent years.

Uttar Pradesh has transformed into a digitally savvy state under the dynamic leadership of Akhilesh Yadav. He has taken many initiatives to empower digital growth and development across the urban and rural areas of UP. With a vision to bridge the digital divide in rural UP, CM Akhilesh Yadav has signed-in to several agreements for mobile production units in the state.

Mobile Manufacturing in Uttar Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the top mobile manufacturing hub in the country, accounting for almost half the production of mobile phone in India. As per the report released by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, “Uttar Pradesh alone houses 13 out of 38 mobile manufacturing units established in the country.”

According to the data shared by the report, the total production capacity of mobile phones in the country is 20.7 million out of which Uttar Pradesh alone accounts for 10 million mobile production capacity followed by Haryana with 2.5 million capacity.

In these recent years, the Uttar Pradesh government has extended all possible help to mobile companies for installing manufacturing units in the state. These include Lava international, Samsung, Oppo and Micromax. Lava had set up its first plant at Noida in 2015, which has been delivering over 1 million phones per month. It established its second unit in January 2016, with total plant production capacity of 2.50 million units per month.
According to Indian Cellular Association (ICA), the combined production capacity of Uttar Pradesh is 13.1 million units.

Rapid Growth in Mobile Production


In the past three years, Uttar Pradesh has become a phone manufacturing powerhouse. Here’re the growth statistics noticed by ICA:

  1. In 2014-15, mobile headsets of worth Rs 18,900 crore had been produced.
  2. In 2015-16, mobile headsets of worth Rs 54,000 crore had been produced.
  3. In the current financial year, mobile manufacturing is estimated to grow to Rs 94,000 crore, which would be an estimated 75% year on year growth.

Sowing the seeds of change today for reaping benefits in the future requires good leadership, implementation of relevant policies and a people-centric approach. Uttar Hamara feels that with such mobile-friendly growth, CM Akhilesh Yadav is setting a big example when it comes to Digital progression and technological development.

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