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Image Source - twitter

Image Source – twitter

July 17, 2016

India can leave other countries behind in terms of development if we provide employment to the youths by making them skilled. ~ Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh.

 Uttar Pradesh aims to provide employable skills to the youth of the state and for this, the government has developed a unique structure called Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission (UPSDM).  The mission has been instituted in order to achieve the target of providing skill development to over 4 million youth by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. UPSDM is the implementing agency for skill development targeted at enhancing employability in Uttar Pradesh, subsuming the targets of various State Departments such as Rural Development, Urban Development, Labour, Minority Welfare, Social Welfare, etc.

Skill Development Centre for Farmers

Image Source - uttamup.com

Image Source – uttamup.com

Uttar Pradesh has been awarded by the Government of India best state across India in Skill Development Mission. The state was awarded at the “Summit cum Awards on Skilling India–The Way Forward”, organised by industry body ASSOCHAM.

Recently, Uttar Pradesh and Netherlands signed an MoU to set up a skill development centre to help farmers. Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Deepak Singhal in the presence of Akhilesh Yadav signed an agreement with Dutch Ambassador Alphonsus Stoelinga. The mission ensures that farmers would get information about food processing and how modern techniques can be used for better produce of sugarcane, potato, dairy development, and flowers.

Not only this, Dutch government will also help in cleaning the Yamuna and in sewage treatments across the state.

Netherlands to assist Uttar Pradesh in Rural and Urban Development

Image Source - twitter

Image Source – twitter

Netherlands would assist Uttar Pradesh in solid waste management, urban development and infrastructure, water management, water supply, cleanliness of water resources, sewage treatment, transport management, and revival of water bodies.

Other than this, it would also help in land reclamation of 1,500 acres in the Ganga basin in Kanpur and development of cultural heritage.

Increase in Farmers’ Wealth

Image Source - images.indianexpress.com

Image Source – images.indianexpress.com


The mission would boost the wealth of farmers as agriculture produce will increase. Special emphasis would be given to introduce modern technology in food processing industry.

Akhilesh Yadav has taken intelligent actions for farmers by establishing pro-farmer schemes like Free Irrigation, Direct Benefit Transfer, Accident Insurance, Kisan Varsh, Kisan-Mandis where they can sell and purchase agricultural products and now an MoU with Netherlands to incorporate modern techniques of agriculture.

Uttar Hamara feels that Akhilesh’s most significant allocations have come up in the areas that are likely to pose the deepest roots for priority sector.


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