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April 06, 2016

The prevention of air pollution is a world-wide concern.  Through the use of many different methods air pollution is becoming easier to control. It is only through various measures, that the prevention is possible. The government plays a very important role in it. It is through government regulations that industries are forced to reduce their air pollution and new developments in technology are created to help everyone do their part in its prevention. The government also helps by continuously making regulations stricter and enforcing new regulations that help to combat any new found source of air pollution.

Pollution Scenario in Uttar Pradesh

Image Source – orissadiary.com

Image Source – orissadiary.com

In Uttar Pradesh too, steps are being taken to stop the damage to our environment from air pollution. For this, Akhilesh Yadav led Uttar Pradesh government has directed district administrations of the state to take measures in bringing down the pollution levels in the state.

As per the data provided by the pollution control board, although the gaseous emission in the urban area is within the permissible limits, particulate matter (PM) is nevertheless twice the permissible levels. According to Harish Mohan Rastogi, a city based physician, “Particulate matter concentrations refer to very fine suspended particulate which are less than 10 microns in size, popularly known as PM10. But these have the capacity to penetrate into the respiratory tract and responsible for causing significant health damage.”

Permissible Limits of PM10s

Image Source - cdn.deccanchronicle.com

Image Source – cdn.deccanchronicle.com

The permissible limit of Particulate matter 10 (PM10) is around 80-100 micrograms per cubic meter. In Uttar Pradesh, Meerut is close to 150-200 micrograms per cubic meter. On the contrary, Delhi recorded 470 micrograms per cubic meter in December. Pollution Control Board has already started working to lower down gaseous, industrial and vehicular pollution.

As per the government order signed by the Chief Secretary of UP, Alok Ranjan, the measures need to be primarily focused on bringing down the PM10 levels before they reach alarming levels.

Pollution Control Measures in Uttar Pradesh

Image Source - ih.constantcontact.com

Image Source – ih.constantcontact.com

The government officials had directed that provisions of Motor Vehicles Act must be enforced strictly. Vehicles plying without pollution certificate should be dealt with iron hand and if need be their registrations be cancelled.

Joint teams of regional transport Office (RTO) officials, Pollution Control Board (PCB) officials and traffic police personnel will ensure the effective implementation of the order. Besides, pollution checking centres will also be checked whether their equipment is giving authentic results or not. In case of discrepancy their licenses will be terminated.

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board will also ensure that industrial emission is within the legal parameters.


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