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Uttar Pradesh Gets a Special Mention for Being the ‘Best Film-Friendly State’


Uttar Pradesh which is a very diverse state has established itself in almost every field may it be politics, education, technology, research, cultural, social as well as environmental. Keeping these fields aside, Uttar Pradesh has also achieved huge success in the film industry also. Recently Gujarat has been awarded the best film-friendly state award and a special mention has been made to UP and Kerala. The award was declared during the 63rd National Film Awards. On knowing about the special mention for Uttar Pradesh as the best film-friendly state, the government had expressed happiness and also, promised to promote the film-industry of Uttar Pradesh and bring immense success in this field.

The government has decided to take an initiative and also devised various measures related to film-making that would promote and make Uttar Pradesh a preferred destination for many film-makers. The environment and the ambiance of Uttar Pradesh are also an important factor that would attract many film-makers. It provides a very conducive atmosphere so that the shooting of films takes place smoothly without any hassle or disturbance. The effort of the CM of Uttar Pradesh in the field of film-industry has paid at last and because of their efforts today, UP has been awarded this honour. The state government always tries to provide the best facilities for film shoots both for Bollywood and regional films.

Developing a healthy cinematic environment within the state is the aim of the state government. The state government has decided to promote tourism with the help of films and also increase the film-making within the state. Film festivals would be held and it will be the responsibility of the government to promote it. Support both in terms of financial and technical facilities would be provided to the various film societies by the government so that they do not back out due to any financial crisis.

It might not be known to many film-makers that if they have a good background and storyline then they may receive a subsidy from the government of about Rs. 2,00,00,000 or may be more than this also. To receive this amount, the film-maker needs to follow certain rules and guidelines so that they can be eligible for this subsidy.

To set up two film-cities within the state, Akhilesh Yadav has signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This, in turn, would promote film-making and gradually UP will become one of the most preferred and sought after destinations for making a movie. Approximately 650 crores of the total investment will be needed for the development of the two projects.

One of the film-cities would be developed by Purple Seas Grou and the technical support would be provided by the Japan government. It is to be constructed along the Lucknow-Agra Expressway. This film-city would consist of all the infrastructures that are required for film-making.

The other film-city would be developed by Ravi Kishan, the Bhojpuri film star, near the Unnao district. The development would start very soon and it would take approximately 36 months to be developed completely.

To ensure the promotion of the film-making industry, Akhilesh Yadav has released a Film-Policy 2015, according to which, encouragement would be provided to take this industry to much greater heights. Also, an agreement has been signed which states that every year a film festival would be organized in Lucknow. Not only the Bollywood films but also regional films would be promoted. A website of Film Bandhu has been launched stating the diverse market conditions in terms of the film industry. Thus, we see that the efforts by the government in this direction certainly needs to be applauded and shows great prospects of success in the upcoming years for the film-industry in the state.

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