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UP Government Launches Mobile App Based E-Challan System


Keeping in line with the trend of using technology to increase efficiency in governance, the UP government has come up with an innovative way to tackle the challan or fining on roads. The Akhilesh Yadav government is set to launch an E- challan – an electronic challan system.

The new processing method is meant to tackle the overcharging indulged in by law officials as well as inefficiencies in payment of the required challan. The system has been launched in Lucknow and has been expanded to Ghaziabad and Noida.

Tablets have been provided to 114 assistant regional transport officers and 102 passenger tax officers throughout the state. In case of traffic violations, these officials equipped with the e-challan system note down the vehicles registration number and verify it with the NIC database, which has details of all registered voters. The tablet will be fed with the data as to what violation has been committed and will automatically generate a challan with the stipulated penalty amount.

The new method will not only increase efficiency, but also help cut down on unnecessary paper usage and create a system which will no longer lead to frustration on part of the millions of cars on India’s roads. The challan system will also help identify continuous defaulters as a record of all previous offences will be kept in the system.

The UP-Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) officials claimed that the app will put a check on complaints of over-charging of penalties by enforcement officials as well as make the penalty payment process more convenient for public.

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