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Top 5 Development Projects Undertaken by Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal Region

Ever since Akhilesh Yadav took office in March 2012, it has been almost five years of committed administration and governance in the state. He has brought new hopes and prosperity in the lives of the people of Uttar Pradesh. What has really worked out in favour of weaker and downtrodden sections of society, minorities, women, youth, workers, students and farmers in UP is the timely implementation of different welfare schemes initiated by UP government.

Akhilesh Yadav has done all-round development that has led to sustained results. Be it procurement and distribution of laptops in a short span of time, construction of medical colleges and hospitals, improving the state’s power infrastructure – all these initiatives and many more have positively impacted the state.

Let’s see the top 5 development projects undertaken by Akhilesh Yadav in the eastern end of Uttar Pradesh, which is popularly known as the Purvanchal Region:

Sugar Mill in Sathiaon

Sathiaon is situated on the Azamgarh-Ballia road, and has been known for its sugar mill since 1975. It’s foundation stone was laid by PM Indira Gandhi and over 17,000 cane growers of Azamgarh were associated with the mill. But due to some reasons the mill was closed down in 2007.

When Akhilesh Yadav came into power, he decided that the state government would continue to provide necessary resources for the development of that area. In March 2016, he inaugurated the Sathiaon Sugar Mill and a cogeneration plant of 15 MW in the same premises. The mill has been refurbished with modern plant and machinery with the crushing capacity of 3,500 MT per day.

Carpet Export Centre in Bhadohi

In the past years, CM Akhilesh Yadav transformed Uttar Pradesh by unleashing all round development in the state. In 2015, CM laid the foundation of Carpet Manufacturing Centre in Bhadohi (near Varanasi) and the plant is running well from the last two years with an annual turnover of Rs 5,000 crore from the export of ‘carpets’ and ‘durries’.

For the smooth flow of carpet business, the Akhilesh government also connected Bhadohi to Babatpur in Varanasi with 4-lane road.

Allotment of Land for AIIMS in Gorakhpur

Keeping health development in mind, in December 2015, Akhilesh Yadav allotted the land for the construction of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in the Gorakhpur district. The land was given free of cost. Several hoardings were seen in Gorakhpur city thanking Akhilesh for providing the free land for AIIMS.

Laptop Distribution and Kanya Vidya Dhan

A one of a kind government initiative of distribution of laptops in the Purvanchal area has been much appreciated by the students and their parents. The ‘Laptop Distribution Scheme’ has encouraged young students to embrace higher education, especially related to science and technology. Schemes like ‘Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojna’ in which an amount of Rs 30,000 is given per female student have also encouraged girls to pursue higher education after completing their secondary education.

More Power to Sonbhadra

Sonbhadra has been gifted with big development projects including a 500 MW thermal power plant which is one of its kind in the last 20 years. The plant is unique in the sense that no land has been acquired, no trees uprooted, no forests destroyed and the entire plant has been built on ash dykes. The state government also constructed a 115-km long road from Varanasi to Shakti Nagar in Sonbhadra.

Apart from these projects, the UP government has provided various welfare schemes for the people of Purvanchal. These include medical and healthcare facilities, 108 and 102 Ambulance Sewa, better infrastructure, new polytechnic institutions, medical and engineering colleges and security through UP-100, 1090 Women Power Line.

No area has been left untouched by young UPCM Akhilesh. There has been tremendous development which can be seen on ground and there will be many more development initiatives in the near future as promised by the leader. We wish Uttar Pradesh flourishes more and more under his leadership.

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