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Stand Up for What You Believe with Strength, and the Barriers Will Begin to Fall Away


“Stand up for what you believe with strength and grace, and the barriers will begin to fall away.”
~ Harriet Green

Leadership begins as a societal phenomenon before it evolves into a professional one. People always elect a leader they are proud of. Akhilesh Yadav, a symbol of development in Uttar Pradesh is much more than just a Chief Minister for the people of this state. Behind this hard taskmaster, lies a visionary leader who took the responsibility to transform UP and take it to greater heights. Here’re are the top reasons why every UPite should vote for Akhilesh Yadav in UP Assembly Elections 2017:

Strong Leadership & Effective Governance


Strong leadership leads to strong implementation. Throughout his tenure, the people of UP enjoyed multifarious benefits of Akhilesh Yadav’s progressive welfare projects and schemes. For the youth, Akhilesh stands for a strong leader who made the right decisions, stepped up overall development and digital growth which in turn made the governance in Uttar Pradesh transparent, agile and effective.

People-Friendly Approach


Akhilesh Yadav is undoubtedly a people’s CM who has always reached out to the masses and extended every possible help to anyone who called for him. He has given prompt financial help to countless people for their medical treatment and to many families who suffered because of sudden mishaps. Akhilesh government had spent Rs. 105 crore in the financial year 2014-15 and distributed over Rs. 300 crore from the Chief Minister’s Discretionary Fund in less than four years. Those given financial assistance also included police, central forces and Indian army personnel from the state, who died while serving the state or nation. These cases of immediate help given by Akhilesh Yadav during his tenure are heart-warming.

Young CM has not only encouraged students to go for higher education but has also gradually eradicated all the reasons that might hamper their will to study. He has taken historic steps for women safety and their empowerment. His popularity can be seen when the people of Uttar Pradesh proudly call him their People’s CM.

The Development Man


Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of CM Akhilesh Yadav, has witnessed all-round development and time-bound implementation of a plethora of development schemes for different sections of the society. He has brought new hope and prosperity in the lives of people of UP.

The CM and his team of government officials have toiled hard to ensure a better standard of living, improved health and more opportunities to earn a decent living for the people in the state. What has really worked in the favour of weaker and downtrodden sections of society, minorities, women, youth, workers, students and farmers in UP is timely implementation of different kinds of welfare yojnas initiated by his government.

A Humble and Responsible CM


Akhilesh Yadav is a man of words and is known for his unpretentiousness. His humble manners and strong conviction made him as a champion of the biggest democratic overtake in Uttar Pradesh. He has a magical art when it comes to connecting with his people. Secular in thoughts and bold in his actions, Akhilesh Yadav is known to reach out to the common man irrespective of his/her caste, religion, and creed and extend every possible help to them in times of need and emergency. His accessible nature reflects in his launching of the Samajwadi Akhilesh App, a mobile app which directly connects him and his government with the people of his state.  Who can forget those unforgettable selfie moments which this young CM gave to the people of UP and many more from across the globe.

Not Just a Leader but a Visionary


Yes, you read that right! Akhilesh Yadav has proved to be a leader with a strong vision for the development of every resident of Uttar Pradesh. Do you remember one of his memorable interview with Hindustan Times, where he expressed candidly his undeterred vision for development? We’ve got some best excerpts from this interview. Read on!

 Q: What is your big vision for the state’s development?


A: With an increased emphasis on skill development and industrialization, we will look to provide jobs to large number of youth in the state in the shortest possible span of time. With a long-term strategic vision of our government, we aim to empower more students to improve the digital baseline of the state. Like the Free Laptop Distribution Scheme to prepare the young workforce from rural background to take on the competitive world, we will keep on empowering economically weak students and carve a better future for themselves.

We are focussing on the education of girls and will continue to bring more schemes related to the security and welfare of Women. Also, people will find the enhanced role of state government in maintaining law and order and strengthening of three-tier administration.

B: The state government has already opened recruitments for vacant posts in the government sector. A large number of youth will be getting jobs. Written examination has been conducted for these vacancies. In the near future, vacancies from many more departments would be advertised and the youths would be given jobs.

Akhilesh Yadav and his unquestionable love for the citizens of his state are worth every praise of ours. His strong leadership qualities and all-round development agenda makes him indispensable for Uttar Pradesh. Have we left you with any doubt that this man of steel with a heart of gold is the best choice for the coveted position of Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister?


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