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Solar Development Expands in Uttar Pradesh Under CM Akhilesh Yadav


In this ever-growing modern world, humans have realized that fossil fuels like gas and oil, won’t last for too long now and once they are gone, they cannot be replenished. These fossil fuels have also been a major reason for the rise of global warming. In recent times, solar energy has come up as a potential solution to the environmental problems caused by fossil fuels. Understanding the importance of renewable solar energy, Uttar Pradesh’s visionary Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has started to work extensively for the solar development of the state.

Taking steps towards a more environment-friendly inclusive growth of the state, the Uttar Pradesh government has taken several measures towards solar development. Some of them are:

  1. Installing power generation capacity of about 15722 MW as on July 2015
  2. Signing 2 MOU for solar park and an ultra-mega solar power project
  3. Solar energy and rooftop solar photovoltaic power plant policy have also been applied
  4. More than 160 solar RO water plant (capacity of 1 KW each) have already been installed in various primary schools
  5. Letter of intent has been issued to developers to establish 105 MW grid-connected solar power projects
  6. 900 solar PV Pumps have installed in 2013-14 and 5000 more are being installed in the state
  7. Solar water heating systems of total capacity 2.5 million litres per day installed for industrial and domestic purposes
  8. Solar steam cooking systems installed at Dayal Bagh Institute, Agra and Rama educational society, Hapur
  9. 3 X 10 MW, 10 MW, and 5 MW capacity solar power plant started operations at Lalitpur, Mahoba and Naini (Allahabad) respectively
  10. 7 MW solar power plants installed in district Barabanki, Jhansi, and Bareilly
  11. Solar power policy made for projects of minimum 1 MW capacity
  12. Under Lohiya Samagra Gram Vikas Yojna, 18,444 solar streetlights have also been installed in 1598 villages, industries, Tehsils and block development offices
  13. 96,151 villages electrified, 36,842 solar power home lighting and 66,585 biomass power solar streetlights have been installed by the present government
  • More than 2 lakh solar home lighting systems along with 1,21,000 solar street lighting system have been installed in the rural areas
  • 26,715 solar street lights were also installed in 2014-15 in 2098 villages

Currently, the government is also working towards setting up a solar park of 600 MW capacity in Jalaun, Mirzapur, and Allahabad and a Grid-connected rooftop solar power plants of 600 KW has already been installed.

An inclination towards generating more solar power is helping the state in breaking the historic barriers by getting renewable power distributed in poor villages and neighbourhoods. These steps have also helped Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of CM Akhilesh Yadav, to embark itself on the journey of becoming a power-surplus state by the end of 12th five-year plan, as about 13000 MW additional capacities are to be made available, in addition to existing availability of about 10000 MW. Solar development is a phenomenal game-changer for the state and its poor. It will lay the groundwork for a better Uttar Pradesh and help its citizens to live a better and prosperous life.

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