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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends a meeting with Russian and Indian officials and businessmen during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin in Moscow, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015. (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)


August 19, 2016

On India’s 70th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech from the Red Fort, made several claims about the progress made by the country during his regime. In the Prime Minister’s quoted data to back his government’s claims, had some exaggerations and a miss of vital content.

The speech soon became a controversial subject of discussion as he made some false claims. Here is a list of facts versus the claims made by the PM:


While talking about his government’s achievements, Modi claimed of huge success in bringing electricity to more villages. He said, “The village of Nagla Fatela in Uttar Pradesh is only three hours from Delhi, but it took more than 70 years for it to get electricity.”

Modi’s official Twitter handle @PMOIndia tweeted a photo of group of people sitting in Nagla Fatela village and watching his speech on a TV set. His tweet said, “People of Nagla Phatela watching the Independence Day celebrations for the first time. More power to them.”




Soon the villagers of Nagla Fatela punctured the claims made by Modi and his ministers. They said that the photo with children watching the Independence Day programme did not belong to “our village.” Villagers said that while poles had been set up and electricity metres installed in the houses but there was still no power supply.



Modi said, “210 million people have bank accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna. This is not about the government taking credit for it; it is the people’s achievement. I salute the 125 crore citizens for this achievement.”


More than 228 million Jan Dhan bank accounts have been opened in the last two years, out of which 24% have no money. The information was tweeted by Fact Check India.



Modi said, “India is the most-preferred destination for foreign direct investments.”


India was ranked 10th in foreign direct investment, far behind leading economies, such as China, USA, and Singapore, according to the World Investment Report 2016.



Modi said, “Out of 18,000 villages, more than 10,000 villages have been electrified.”


9841 villages have been electrified as on June 30, 2016.



Modi said, “We are constructing 100 kms rural roads per day, which was 55-77 kms per day earlier.”


BJP led NDA government has constructed 105 kms rural roads per day, but it was 85 kms per day by Congress led UPA government.



Modi said, “Under the previous government, the inflation level had crossed the 10 per cent mark. But we did not let it rise above 6 per cent.”


The spike was even more at the rate of 8.35 per cent for food prices, according to statistics released by the ministry of statistics and programme implementation.


Responsibility, efficiency, and good governance were the keywords of Modi’s speech on the Independence Day which did not turn out to be very accurate when the Twiterrati decided to dig up the facts. Soon after which #ShameModi got trending and garnered more attention that the actual speech itself.

People are trying to figure out the reason for these exaggerated claims. Is it because of the upcoming state elections or is BJP really getting desperate to show some numbers, albeit fabricated.  Whatever it is, we hope that the PM and his team are better prepared next time; because people are really listening and hoping for the promised changes.

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