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July 26, 2016

Gearing up for India’s most populous state elections, Uttar Pradesh 2017 assembly polls is going to be an interesting fight between Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress. With a few months to go for the assembly elections, political parties have taken their first step towards launching organised Social Media Campaigns displaying their upcoming plans poking one another.

For the past few weeks the party leaders have been busy in sharing and re-tweeting the emoticon filled criticisms of each other as if these were the party’s official stand on matters.


Election Conspiracies

DELHI, INDIA - MARCH 23: In this photo illustration, news of reality television star Jade Goody's death is reported on the fronts of Indian newspapers on March 23, 2009 in Delhi, India. Reality TV star Jade Goody died yesterday aged 27 from cervical cancer. Ms Goody was infamous for her onscreen gaffs including a racist remark to Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty on UK TV show Big Brother. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

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With a failure to gain ‘political mileage’ in Uttar Pradesh, BJP fuelled the issue of ‘Hindu Exodus’ in Kairana which was a ‘well-thought strategy’ and ‘conspiracy’ to instigate large-scale communal riots. Some Media houses acted as catalyst in spreading riots while others ‘debunked’ BJP’s false propaganda.

Another situation happened in Bundelkhand, where BJP accused SP government saying that they are insensitive and not serious about Bundelkhand.  When Uttar Pradesh government was facing a situation of water scarcity, CM Akhilesh asked for help from centre with water tankers to Bundelkhand. The need of the hour was not to avail water but to provide water where it is needed. The central government sent a train instead of tankers, and that too without water. UP government refused to accept as the wagons were already empty when the train reached Jhansi. Akhilesh government have announced food packages to 2.30 lakh families in all the districts of Bundelkhand every month. The other relief measures include rejuvenation of 100 ponds, electricity supply, pension scheme to all eligible families and funds for hailstorm affected areas in Bundelkhand.

The National Human Rights Commission had recently sought reports from the government of Uttar Pradesh over improving the deplorable condition of the inhabitants of the drought hit districts of the Bundelkhand regions.


Campaigns and Game Plans


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Congress has launched its formal campaign for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 with the slogan ‘27 Saal, UP Behaal’ where they flagged off a bus yatra from the party office in Delhi in the presence of UP Congress Chief Raj Babbar and CM Candidate Sheila Dikshit. On July 29 in Lucknow, Congress Vice President will join the campaign where he will meet 50,000 party workers. The campaign will be followed by Sonia Gandhi with a road show in Varanasi on August 2. The party that destroyed India is now calling the state ‘behaal’ ignoring the fact that they have contributed to it in the last ten years.

When it comes to law and order, BSP had a strong position against the SP and BJP. But after the exit of party’s OBC face Swami Prasad Maurya and Dalit leader RK Chaudhary, the situation has been changed. Both accused Mayawati of ‘auctioning’ party tickets for assembly polls and their exit was followed by Ravindra Nath Tripathi and Paramdev Yadav. To fill up this damage, BSP has selected five of its leaders, all from different backward castes for leading the campaign in their respective caste groups.

But again, caste politics is better than communal politics which BJP is trying to play in Uttar Pradesh. The party which has been experiencing a decline in the vote over the last years has come up with a contrast of both communal and caste based politics.

In the political chaos, Akhilesh-mania seems to have gripped the entire province of Uttar Pradesh. The political youth has recently carried out a survey to check the performance of current ruling party in which majority of the surveyees said that they want to see Akhilesh again. The survey spotted Mayawati (BSP) on the second position followed by BJP and Congress respectively. The analysis of the survey showed that infrastructure, health and pension benefits attributed to current government favour though law and order remains the prevailing issue of the party.

Going by the current trends, Modi government needs to announce a face who can compete with the strongest contender and development man Akhilesh Yadav followed by Iron lady Mayawati and Sheila Dikshit who led the Congress to three consecutive electoral victories in Delhi. We will be covering the polls in detail. Stay tuned!



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