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What is the popular food in Lucknow?

ForumCategory: FoodWhat is the popular food in Lucknow?
Uttar Hamara Staff asked 1 year ago
4 Answers
Anonymous answered 1 year ago

Kababs, Sheermaal and Kachori, aaloo is the true delighting food in Lucknow.
Non-veg. will have a huge variety one can never expect.  

Rakesh answered 1 year ago

Kababs !!! 🙂

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

Lucknow is famous for – Nawabi Style culture, food  and tradition. For non- veg lovers Tundey . dustarkhan outlets and veg lovers from pandit ji ki chat, bajpayee ki puri to prakash ki kulfi and chhappan bhog sweets. 

Rohan answered 1 year ago

From the famous street foods to super specialties, In Lucknow you cannot miss out to try each of these – includes Tunday ke Kabab (Aminabad), Shukla ki matar chaat and aaloo tikki, outstanding Lucknow dum biryani (near chowk), Rahim ke kulche (near chowk), malai kulfi (Aminabad), Bajpayee ki poodi (Hazratganj), chappan bhog ki mithaiya (Lucknow cantt.). Share if I missed something speacial.

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