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What are the top most places to visit in Uttar Pradesh?

ForumCategory: TravelWhat are the top most places to visit in Uttar Pradesh?
Uttar Hamara Staff asked 2 years ago
3 Answers
Preeti Vohra answered 2 years ago

No doubt, Lucknow has so many places where one can go and enjoy. I would say that Hazratganj is the very essence of the city; Bright yet calm at the same time. Janeshwar Mishra Park is my second favourite.

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

Uttar Pradesh is referred to as the ‘Heartland of India’, as it boasts of a rich cultural heritage. The land offers feast to minds that love to explore – be it nature or history. It is not only gifted by nature but it is also home to some of the best man-made monuments. You need not command much of a geographical knowledge to recall that the majestic rivers Ganges and Yamuna flow through this state. To cover at first, few major places in UP are Taj Mahal in Agra, Agra Fort, Chini Ka Rauza, Agra & Paanch Mahal. Magh Mela in Allahabad, Dev Aarti in Varanasi . Vrindavan, Mathura, Rumi Darwaza, Lucknow, Imambara, Lucknow and the list goes on. Come, witness cultural and historical love, UP has offers 

Rajesh answered 2 years ago

Agra, kushinagar, varanasi, allahabad, ayodhya, lucknow, mathura, fatehpur sikri

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