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September 08, 2016

Recent times have seen powerful and effective use of social media in Uttar Pradesh which has now become an effective tool to reach out to people and connect them with the government. This has led to a historical decision by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. UP Police is all set to launch its #TwitterSeva to reach out to the masses for law and order issues promptly, easily and efficiently.

Acknowledging the pro-active use of Twitter by UP Police and their timeliness in attending complaints via this social media platform, Twitter has offered UP Police a unique complaint tracking software ‘Twitter Seva’.


FACT: Twitter has chosen UP Police vs any other police force in India to reach out to people with its Twitter Seva.

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Uttar Pradesh DGP S. Javeed Ahmad, Twitter Vice President Rishi Jaitley and CEO Rahil Khurshid will today launch the service from the state capital. The software has been designed specially to track complaints and their disposal status.

Here are some interesting facts of #TwitterSeva that you should know:

India’s First Ever Police Grievance Redressal Service with Twitter


UP has become the country’s first to launch a grievance redressal service ‘Twitter Sewa’ throughout the state. The service will help the police personnel at the district level to respond to complaints forwarded from senior officials and keep a check on how and when the complaints were dealt with.


We are happy that Twitter India has acknowledged our efforts in catering to people’s need. The new service will enable us to monitor the complaints and keep a tab on whether they were attended to and how,” said Javeed Ahmad.

 Training Session on #TwitterSewa of Police Officers

The Uttar Pradesh police force had recently organised a two-day workshop for cops handling the dedicated twitter handle in each of the 75 districts in the state to help them understand the functioning of Twitter Sewa. The software is a ‘Customer Relationship Management’ platform which will automatically assign a code to every complaint sent to every district.


Brilliant Methodology for Handling Complaints

For Twitter Sewa, each state will have a separate twitter handle. At every district level, the officer in-charge of the operating twitter handle will have access to three options: In-process, Closed or Incomplete Information. The IT cell at DGP headquarters will examine the eligibility of the code assigned to the complaint and take necessary actions thereafter.

The service will also help the command centre at DGP headquarters to see how many complaints have been sent to a particular district and other statistics like the number of them disposed of and the In-process count.


Even before Twitter Seva, UP Police has been listening into problems and solving them through social media

UP police official twitter handle has received a very positive response from the people. Several cases have been resolved successfully on Twitter by UP police.

Here are some cases every UP citizen should know about: 


Recently, a twitter handle named Neha Parmar asked Delhi police for help about a girl child abduction, but did not get any co-operation. Soon after that, Meerut Police looked into it and resolved the matter.


A recent report has come up showing the vigilance of the UP police that includes the arrest of 3 train robbers from where 18 mobiles, cash worth of Rs. 35,000 and jewellery were recovered.


You can see several other day-to-day tweets on Uttar Pradesh Police Twitter handle @Uppolice, showing the prompt redressal of peoples’ grievances.


Uttar Hamara feels happy to share the biggest ‘Social Media Police Control’ system news coming from our very own UP Police. After 1090 Women Power Line and Dial 100, Twitter Seva makes every UPite feel more SAFE, SECURE & HAPPY!

Drop in your comments below to let us know how you feel about India’s first ever Twitter Seva.

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