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Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. The forest is largely untouched, away from civilization and quiet.  It is the perfect getaway for those seeking a brief vacation amidst the calls of birds, thick forests and a sighting of wildlife. The Katarniaghat Forests provide strategic connectivity between tiger habitats of Dudhwa and Kishanpur in India and the Bardia National Park in Nepal. Its fragile Terai ecosystem comprises a mosaic of Sal and teak forests, lush grasslands, numerous swamps and wetlands.

It is home to a number of endangered species including gharial, tiger, rhino, gangetic dolphin, swamp deer, hispid hare, bengal florican, the white-backed and long-billed vultures. Mugger crocodiles and gharial are also seen in the Girwa River. It is also home to rare turtles, freshwater fish and a wide variety of snakes such as the banded krait, the burmese rock python, the yellow speckled wolf snake, red coral kukri snake and the paradise flying snake.

The nearest airport to Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is Amausi, 150 km away from Bahraich and the nearest railway station is Lucknow Charbagh, 125 km away from Bahraich and Gonda junction, 60 km away. It is well connected from Lucknow and Gonda by road. The best time to visit Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is from November to June as it remains closed during monsoon.

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