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JP International Convention Centre

JP International

Jay Prakash Narayan International Convention Centre (JPNIC) is a world class convention hall situated at Gomtinagar, Lucknow with four-star hotel facilities. The convention centre offers most comprehensive facilities like convention halls, auditoriums, museums, restaurants, hotel rooms and various institutions under one roof.

The JPNIC comprises of three parts – a museum block that pays tribute to Jay Prakash Narayan’s life, his ideologies and socialism; a huge world-class convention block with seating capacity for 2,000; an Olympic-size swimming pool and multi-sports facility and finally a seven-floor multi-level car parking to accommodate 591 cars at a time.

The centre will be open to public from this financial year. Once open, you can seek lifetime membership of JPNIC and get almost 35% discounts on its hotel rooms, spa, salon, swimming pool, sports facilities, etc.

The convention centre will also give corporate membership cards which can be availed by different employees of the company from time to time. The hotels inside the centre, the sports and the museum block would be operated by a US chain of hotels, which will host events, seminars, sports competitions and bring delegations from around the world.

Uttar Hamara can’t wait to visit JPNIC! How excited are you?

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