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Chota Imambara – Lucknow

Chhota Imambara



Chota Imambara is situated near Bara Imambara in Lucknow and on the connecting road stands an imposing gateway known as Rumi Darwaza. Chota Imambara was built by Mohammed Ali Shah in the second year of his rule in 1839. This building is also known as the Palace of Lights because of its decorations and chandeliers during special festivals, like Muharram. It has a golden dome, silver throne and gold edged mirrors make it grander.

The tombs of Muhammad Ali Shah and other members of his family are inside the Imambara. The walls are decorated with Arabic calligraphy. The three splendid gates on the road making way to the imposing monument – the Imambara, create a most significant royal look of the area.

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