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Image Source - pbs.twimg.com

Image Source – pbs.twimg.com

Our person of the week is Aditya Kumar from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh who has been cycling all around India to promote education. Aditya Kumar is imparting education to poor children living in the slum areas since 1995.

Aditya Kumar (now 44) was born in a village named Farrukhabad in Lucknow. After graduation, Aditya decided to spread literacy in slums. The journey started 20 years ago, when Aditya completed his graduation, he took up educating the poor as the mission of his life and started mobile classes village to village.

Aditya Kumar was honoured by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS in 2014 for his benevolent Service to free education. Apart, Aditya’s name has also been recorded in a number of record books internationally. His documentary has been aired on Discovery Channel. He is now an internationally acclaimed social worker known as CYCLE GURU JI.

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