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Image Source - twitter

Image Source – twitter

A hybrid mango variety named after chief minister Akhilesh Yadav turned out to be very popular among visitors at the mango festival.

‘Akhilesh’ variety of mangoes was developed by the father of mango grafting,Kaleemullah, in 2012 when the Samajwadi Turk was elected as the political head of the state.

Displayed at the mango festival organised by the state tourism and horticulture departments, ‘Akhilesh’ was sold out by noon on the concluding day of the festival on Sunday.

“Akhilesh won many hearts and was therefore made the chef minister of Uttar Pradesh. Likewise, the fruit named after him has earned popularity too,” said Kaleemullah who has developed more than 300 varieties of mangoes in his Kakori-based orchard. Both Kaleemullah and the CM were caught savouring the fruit after the inauguration of the festival on Saturday.

“We brought them in abundance and had no idea that it would be out of stock,” saidRaheem, a helper at Kaleemullah’s stall.

Akhilesh mango is a hybrid progeny of Dussehri. These mangoes are dark red in colour and pear-shaped. Their pulp is extremely sweet and juicy with thin skin and a small seed.

Khan recalled that he had given the tree this name because the tree bore fruit in the fifth year itself, something he said was extremely rare.

“No tree bears fruit at such a tender age,” he said.

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