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Uttar Pradesh: ‘Bank’ offers locker facility for tomatoes

Lucknow: Bizarre though it may sound, but it is definitely grabbing attention. The Congress party in Lucknow has set up a unique tomato bank for the common man. Called the ‘State Bank of Tomato’, the initiative is designed to embarrass the BJP government over the spiraling of tomato prices.

The bank allows its customers enjoy all the basic banking facilities, the only difference being, everything is related to tomatoes. Customers of the bank can get fixed deposit on tomatoes, lockers as well as facility of loans on the same.

A long queue of customers outside the bank was seen and people said that they had come here to deposit their tomatoes since they feared that the tomatoes would get stolen from their houses. “I have deposited 500 grams of tomatoes and have been assured that I will get one kilogram back after six months,” said an elderly citizen who came to deposit the vegetable in the ‘bank’.

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