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Rescued Tigress in Lucknow Zoo


A one-year-old tigress rescued from Pallia near Dudhwa has been brought to Lucknow zoo for treatment. The winter chill and starvation has left the tigress extremely weak. Besides, it has injuries infested with maggots.

The big cat was spotted by farmers in a sugarcane field in Pallia on Wednesday. They raised an alarm but the animal was unable to move. They informed the forest staff after which the tigress was tranquilised and rescued on Thursday. Pallia is a buffer area of Dudhwa tiger reserve in north Kheri.

“There is a possibility that the tigress got separated from its mother. Being unable to hunt, it got weaker by the day,” said wildlife expert Sanjay Narain.

About the injuries, forest officers suspect it might have been attacked by a tiger. “Only after treatment doctors would be able to decide where it can best survive — in the wild or zoo,” said deputy director, Dudhwa tiger reserve, Mahaveer K.

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