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Patients with end stage kidney diseases (ESRD) in Uttar Pradesh can hope to live for another three to five years more once national dialysis services programme takes shape in the state. According to official data, state health department needs to provide dialysis facility for 37,000 patients at any given point in time.

Finance minister has announced low cost dialysis units would be set up at all district hospitals. There are 75 district hospitals in UP which means that the state can look forward to 75 dialysis units. Head of nephrology department, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences which provides dialysis facility to some 3,000 patients each year, Dr R K Sharma believes that the move will go a long way . “The gap between demand for dialysis facility and supply is huge. Over 80% ESRD patients eventually die in the quest of treatment through dialysis either because of paucity of funds or unavailability of service,” he said.

He added that once in place, the dialysis units will also cut cost of dialysis in the market. In the longer run, he stated, the move will give a boost to organ transplant programme as well.

However, the demand for dialysis facilities is set to rise because of presumed rise in number of patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

“More than 40% of ESRD patients develop the problem because of diabetes while 30% get in trouble because of blood pressure and both problems are increasing epidemically ,” said Dr Kausar Usman, faculty , medicine department, King George’s Medical University.

Officials in health department said the national programme would give an impetus to government’s programme to save ESRD patients. In a World Bank-aided project, government has begun process to start dialysis centers at 18 divisional headquarters.


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