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CM introduces “Know Your Government” series



With an aim to make people aware about the policies and projects launched by the state government, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is using social networking sites to initiate interactive campaign through a series “know your government”.

Small, interesting, trivia are asked through twitter which is hash tagged with #knowyourgovernment. The question has four answers and the reader has to tick just one. The response including number of votes and whether the answer is correct or not could be seen immediately but Government uploads the answer the next day. The first question was asked from the twitter handle @UPGovt on Wednesday at 6 pm. The question was – What is the length of Agra-Lucknow Expressway. Four options were given – 306 km, 302 km, 307 km and 310 km.

Exact 24 hour later @UPGovt uploaded the right answer. The tweet from @UPGovt read: The length of the #Agra-#Lucknow Expressway is 302 kms. 44% people answered yesterday’s #trivia question correctly. #KnowYourGovernments

“This being the first day the response was very good. Almost 44 per cent gave correct answer. A few like @monukhan271 even gave the width of the road which is 110 meters. This shows that people know about minute details of the projects. This is an encouraging sign,” a senior official told The Pioneer on Thursday.

This interactive campaign of the Government is connected with other government sites like UP News 360. The question is re-twitted through other twitter handles of government agencies and officials. On Thursday @UPGovt asked another question: What is the name of the scheme launched to boost dairy production in UP. The four options are: Kamdhenu Yojana, Akshay Patra Yojana, Dughadh dharohar Yojana and Dhugdh Dhaara Yojana.

In first 15 minutes 24 people had answered this question and 85 per cent of them said it is Kaamdhenu Yojana.

Despite it being the first day the campaign has been noticed by the people as Logical News said in its tweet:  UPGov started interactive campaign #KnowYourGovernment on twitter asking public to answer questions abt gov projects.

This tweet has been re-twitted 21 times. An official said that Government is using networking sites in a subtle way not only to educate people about the government schemes but also telling them how pace of development has picked up. “We will use these more innovative methods in future too,” he said.

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has been saying that Samajwadi Party Government has done enough for the people but it is very poor in popularizing our achievements. This interactive campaign could be the answer to CM’s this query.

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