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Accepting that caste and religion factors do work, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today said instead of focusing on these equations, parties should seek vote on development issue.

“Its true that equations of caste and religion do work. Instead of setting your equations right, you should also talk about development. People should elect those who talk about development,” Yadav said in the state assembly. His remarks came on the last day of the brief monsoon session of the UP legislature.

Pointing at BSP members, he said they were voted to power 10 years ago (2007) and since then time has changed and priorities of people have changed. “In the changed scenario, we will form government again (after 2017 polls),” he said.

“Though only six months of the government are left, investments are coming in the state that shows investors have faith in SP government and they also feel that we are returning to power,” he said. The CM also cited achievements of government programmes like free distribution of laptops, distribution of Kanya Vidya Dhan, metro and other schemes while putting Centre on the dock for not increasing its “power quota.”

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