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Narendra Modi Achhe Din


September 07, 2016

Accountability, responsibility and efficiency were the keywords in Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s speech this Independence Day and the focus was ‘Good Governance’. Failed to bring ‘Acche Din’, Narendra Modi quoted data to back his government’s good work but faced a controversy due to ‘many’ false claims.

Here is a list of facts versus the claims made by the PM:

Narendra Modi DPT scheme

Claim1: Modi said he was satisfied that despite minute scrutiny of his work his government has been able to achieve a lot on plugging subsidy leakages by saving 15,000 Crore on the basis of DBT.

Fact: The savings were potential and not actual.

Narendra Modi LPG scheme

Claim2: ‘Country’s 3 crore poor families have been provided LPG connections and it has never happened before.’

Truth: Only 60 lakh connections were purchased till April 2016. During a press release in January this year, under the government’s ‘Give-It-Up’ scheme, only 45 lakh people have been given LPG connections.

Narendra Modi deleted ration card claim

Claim 3: More than 1.65 crore fake ration cards were deleted by the government.

Truth: Found in a recent press release, only 66 lakh ration cards have been removed/deleted in the last three years. Moreover, only ineligible applications were found deleted, but the government claimed that those connections were illegal.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna

Claim4: “21 Crore (210 million) people have bank accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna. This is not about the government taking credit for it; it is the people’s achievement. I salute the 125 crore citizens for this achievement.”

Fact: 228+ million basic savings account have been opened in two years, however, as many as 24 percent of these accounts still do not have money in them, IndiaSpend reported on 13th August, 2016.

India's Development

Claim5: “India is the fastest growing country in the World in terms of Foreign Direct Investment.”

Fact: India ranks 10th, globally.

The truth of Facts Vs Claims show that the figures were exaggerated and evidently, missed vital content. People are trying to figure out the reason for these exaggerated claims and are still waiting to find out ‘Acche Din’. Is it because of the upcoming state elections or is BJP really getting desperate to show some numbers, albeit fabricated.  Whatever it is, we hope that the PM and his team are better prepared next time; because people are really listening and hoping for the promised changes.

Narendra Modi Achhe Din


Achhe Din Vs Sachhe Din. What would you advise Modi ji to focus on? Drop in your answers in the comments below.

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