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August 10, 2016

‘Gomti is not mere flowing water, but a cultural heritage and the future of Lucknow.’ ~ Akhilesh Yadav

Gomti Riverfront Development is a transformational program to clean river Gomti, an alluvial river of Ganga. The river is one of the most important tributaries of Ganga, situated in Uttar Pradesh at an elevation of 185 metres.

Gomti river, which was fast turning into a drain in the reign of previous government is being developed under the leadership of Akhilesh Yadav. The state government has made the irrigation department the nodal agency to revive the river. The residents can now hope to see a much cleaner and greener riverbank developed on an international pattern.


Beautification of the River Gomti


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The riverfront beautification includes landscaping, development of parks, ghats, construction of cycling and jogging pathways, creation of children’s play area, lawns, sports, fields, tonga track and deploying boating facility on the river.

Jal Nigam and LMC have been asked to ensure that no sewage flows into the river and all the drains need to be tapped and diverted to a sewage treatment plant before flowing into the river. German lightings have already been used at Gomti barrage.


Special Features


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  1. To ensure uninterrupted water into the Gomti River, the Mahdoiya and Ataria escapes of the Sharda Canal System have been rejuvenated and connected with the Gomti River.
  2. For the first time in the country, a temporary earthen dam is built across a running river, its normal flow has been diverted through a channel, the barrage gates have been opened and the river is successfully cleaned with the use of modern machines.
  3. A weir across the river built during the British period got visible in the river and the present-day generation saw it for the first time.
  4. To execute the vision of CM Akhilesh Yadav into reality, the Irrigation and Water Resources Department, Uttar Pradesh prepared the project in record time of one month and got approved by the Government.
  5. The riverfront will feature a green area, with facilities to organise cultural programmes.
  6. Remote Sensing Technology and Computer Modelling Techniques will be employed to analyse the environmental impact of the project when it is completed.


LDA’s Project

On the riverfront, LDA will be installing an approx. 100-metre-high giant ferry wheel, giving a bird’s eye view of the entire city.

Alongside irrigation department, LDA will also continue beautifying 1.5km of left riverbank from Hanuman Setu Temple to Pucca Pull. This will include development of pathways, cycle tracks and landscaping.

Uttar Hamara appreciates the works of our environmentalist CM and looks forward for this beautiful project to complete!  


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