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August 02, 2016

We have norms for all kinds of pollution – Noise, Air and Water to be followed during construction and we assure that metro construction will cause minimum impact on environment. ~ Kumar Keshav, Managing Director LMRC

Being hailed as one of the most ambitious projects of Akhilesh government, Lucknow Metro is all set to have its underground tunnel dug up. The project is well poised to achieve its completion deadline and the work on digging metro tunnel has been started.

The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) team has assured that digging up of roads for the construction of the underground metro corridor from Charbagh to Hazratganj would have the least impact on environment. For this, the team will follow best practices to ensure that the construction work doesn’t pollute the environment.

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A Tunnel Boring Machine, Image Source – themetrorailguy.com

Here is how the Metro Tunnel will be dug from Charbagh to Hazratganj:

  1. At Bapu Bhawan, LMRC will first make parallel underground guiding walls along the station’s boundary.
  2. Guiding wall will ensure that diaphragm wall (station boundary wall) alignment is straight.
  3. Same pattern will be repeated at Charbagh and Hazratganj stations after a gap of one month each.
  4. A hydraulic RIG machine will be deployed to excavate mud between two guiding walls.
  5. A huge wall will be constructed on site and pushed underground portion between the guiding walls.
  6. The wall pieces would form a continuous monolithic diaphragm wall together forming the station’s outer boundary wall.
  7. As priority, a 25×25 metres shaft will be excavated first in front of Bapu Bhawan for placing two parallel tunnel boring machines (TBM) underground.
  8. These two TBMs will start digging the earth horizontally up to Hazratganj and come out from the station near DRM office.
  9. These TBMs will then be placed at another end of Bapu Bhawan towards Hussainganj crossing.
  10. After digging horizontally up to Hussainganj, the TBMs will be used for digging mud from Charbagh to Hussainganj.


LMRC Taking Good Care of Environment and Traffic


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The excavated earth will be transported to a designated place on the outskirts during night time only to cause least inconvenience to the traffic. Contractors will soon submit the environment management plan that would tell ways to mitigate adverse effect on environment.

Loosened Earth to be used by Irrigation Department


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The loose earth/soil that will come out of digging the tunnel would be effectively used by irrigation department for strengthening the banks of rivers, widening of roads and levelling of earth in low lying areas.

Uttar Hamara feels proud to share the smart moves of Lucknow Metro Rail Team towards sustainable and swift completion!

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