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Rida Zehra is a seven year old girl who lives in a residential school for the blind in Meerut. In spite of being visually impaired, she has memorised the entire Gita, by heart. She was admitted to the blind school by her father when she was three years old.

On asking seven year old Rida Zehra if she knows Bhagwad Geeta, the visually-challenged girl folds her hand and starts reciting the holy book, which she knows by heart, without giving a second thought. Living at a residential blind school in Meerut for the last three years, Zehra has never seen the holy book for she was born with 80% blindness. In fact, she has not even read it in Braille. Her teacher at the school helped her memorise the whole text of the holy book by reading it out to her.

“I like praying to God, whether it is by reading Gita or Quran. It doesn’t matter which God I pray, after all I will never be able to see him, even if he is there in front of me,” the class III girl quotes.

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