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She is educated, independent, and her outlook is progressive. In short, she is an average city girl from a well-heeled family, who has had a liberal upbringing, right? Wrong!

Pushpa Singh, 26, belongs to Mongala, a small backward village in Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh is one of the six siblings, and has been physically disabled since birth.
Despite being disabled from birth, Pushpa Singh has broken all stereotypes and overcome tough challenges – she works as a computer teacher in a local college and has recently been elected to the Block Development Council (BDC) in her area.
Her fingers and palms are so deformed that it’s nearly impossible for her to hold anything. But, as if on cue, her mobile phone rings and while she struggles a little, she manages to reach for it, balances the device in both her hands and she is on her call.
Education has been the true game changer for her. Pushpa’s dedicated approach resulted in her earning two professional degrees – Bachelor in Education and MSc in Computer Science. She has also been working as a computer teacher at the Kamla Nehru Inter College in Bahraich for the past three years.

Marvel at her most recent achievement and she gives full credit to her family, especially her mother, who taught her to live life to the fullest, and her father, Bhawani Singh, a former ‘pradhan’.
Uttar Hamara salutes trend setters like Pushpa Singh who stand to make a real difference!

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