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Every single soul of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is familiar with Apollo Bakery, which is situated in the heart of the city, Hazratganj. Apollo is owned by the father-son duo, Abdul Rashid and Mehboob Alam who were given this heirloom by Mehboob’s grandfather, Fazal Ahmed. Fazal in turn, took over the bakery from a British owner, whose name he couldn’t remember at the moment. The name of the bakery was albeit, retained.

We are all aware of Apollo Bakery’s delicious patties and sandwiches but very few are aware of this heart-stirring story, shared by Mehboob. He happens to get busier during Christmas each year, this is partly because of extra sale. Mehboob extends the bakery to his Christian brother and sisters and helps them to bake fruit cakes, every year. This has almost become a part of ritual for many Christian families who seek Mehboob’s help to bake more than 300 cakes each.

He finishes off the delicious cakes by packing them separately, complete with name slips on each cake. People like Mehboob, restore our faith in humanity.

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