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Here’s an interesting story about Hari Kishore, who owns a petrol pump ‘Sarita Filling Station’ in Ahirori district, Uttar Pradesh. He was troubled with the fact that there was no electricity available in his area and having to resort to using a diesel generator was costing him too much.

Hari did his research and found out how people in Uttar Pradesh are turning to solar and getting relief from this frustrating problem. As the village Ahirori approximately receives 13 hours of day light every day, so Hari decided installing a solar system in this area would be perfect.

To turn his petrol pump into a solar powered pump, he contacted a solar panel distributor who had been handling with solar system installations for long.

Soon a 4KW solar panel was installed that generates approximately 20 to 22 units per day depending on the weather conditions. The system runs the entire load of the petrol pump that essentially includes 2 fuel dispensers and LED lights of 1.5 KW. The solar system runs two dispensers at one time.

Hari is extremely happy seeing his petrol pump turn into a solar powered station.

Uttar Hamara feels nice to see people like Hari, who always come up with an exciting solution to earn a good living!  

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