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There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life. ~  Mary Rose McGeady

She is one of the most committed workers of the Polio Social Mobilization Network in Uttar Pradesh. Sabiya, 28, belongs to Aligarh and over the last few years, along with 5660 workers of the Polio Social Mobilization Network (SMNet), she has worked tirelessly to help India stop transmission of polio, hopefully forever.

The SMNet was established in 2001 by UNICEF to address the pockets of resistance to polio vaccination in areas of western Uttar Pradesh.

The strenuous efforts of Sabiya and SMNet workers have borne fruit, helping to reduce the number of polio cases in the city from 30 in 2001, to nine in 2009 and not a single one from 2010 till now.

Over the last four years, she has been working as a Community Mobilization Co-ordinator (CMC) to make sure all children are vaccinated with oral polio vaccine every time it is offered.

Her contribution to mobilizing communities for polio vaccination includes interpersonal communication with parents and caregivers during house-to-house visits and group meetings with mothers. But spreading the message on the importance of immunizing children against polio is just one of the tasks Sabiya carries out. She also tracks expectant mothers and new-borns and liaise with religious leaders and other influencers in the area.

Uttar Hamara congratulates Sabiya and other community members for working hard   to protect India’s children against poliovirus.

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