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Lucknow’s Prince of Wales Zoological Garden has earned the unique distinction of becoming the first zoo in the country to use solar energy. The driving force behind this path breaking change is Zoo Director Renu Singh, who ensured that everything at the zoo can be made compatible with solar energy. Her aim was to educate people about the benefits of solar energy.

Presently, all the zoo offices, the streetlights and the kitchen run on solar power. Moreover, the irrigation system at the bio-fuel plantation in the zoo nursery also runs on sunlight. What really excited Renu was a cut down on the huge electricity bills, which amounted to Rs 7, 84, 000 per year. Her efforts have been able to bring about a sea change in the way things are run in the zoo.

Uttar Hamara feels that this green initiative will go a long way in bringing about a healthy environment for the animals.

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