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Image Source - hindustanmerijaan.in

Image Source – hindustanmerijaan.in

Ram Prasad is a farmer from Banda, Uttar Pradesh, who hires farm lands for share cropping. Share cropping involves a land-owner who gives his land on rent to farmers who plough the land and share the sales with the owner.

When the farmers all across the state were facing serious droughts, he too had to sell his bullock to feed his family. Without his bullock and depleting money to maintain tractors and such equipment, times were difficult. Add to that the unpredictable weather: sometimes grave droughts, and sometimes premature rains. When Prasad realised that all these factors only burdened farmers with rising costs and no returns, he was adamant that he had to improvise an economical way to sustain farming.

It took him seven years to experiment with various materials. He finally got a breakthrough when he came across old bicycle in his backyard. He modified it with some pieces of iron and converted it into a plough.

The machine is simple, economical, and easy to assemble. With a single wheel, front and rear handles, and three diggers attached to it, the machine does not require any additional fuel such as diesel or kerosene to operate. Ram Prasad has also inspired his neighbours to do the same and helped them make this environment friendly machine.

“All it requires is two men,” said Prasad to Times of India, “I have also helped many farmers by converting their old bicycles into a ploughing machine.” He also adds that other than just ploughing, the machine also can be used for weeding and sowing.

 Uttar Hamara appreciates Prasad’s innovation that can help farmers in the situations of drought and economic crisis and can change their lives tremendously.

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