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This 8th grade student not only made her school ground green but also inspired other students to do composting and tree plantation. Know more about young Prachi who has done extra ordinary work at such a young age.

 Few years ago, her school Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) shifted to a new building at Nandpur, Chinhut, Lucknow. The ground of the new school was full of weeds like Parthenium (gajar ghas) which had grown everywhere. Also, there was accumulation of water as the ground was at a lower level, and that used to make the land marshy and impossible to walk. This ground was inhabited by various animals, insects, vermin and snakes. It was becoming a common sight to see snakes crawling in the backyard. KGBV students did not have a place to play as while playing, if a student’s skin comes in contact with the Parthenium, it causes itching and rashes.

Prachi decided to take a lead to make her school ground green and provide the students a place to play. For this, she created a group of 25 students. To get other students involved in her project, she presented a skit in front of the students and asked them to join her. Prachi, along with the students, carried out a cleanliness drive and rooted out all the weeds from the ground in a week’s time.

Now Prachi and her friends have a vegetable garden in their school campus in which she has grown Grams, Brinjals, Fenugreek, Soya, Coriander, Tomato, Cabbage, etc. and also the plants that have aesthetic value.

They also formed a compost pit in which they put all the organic waste which is generated in the school. The manure formed from the compost pit is used to nourish the vegetable garden. She has also pasted quotes on the walls of the ground, on the importance of plants, to motivate her juniors and friends to plant more trees.

She has been entitled as a ‘Yuva Paryavaran Leader’ for Sustainable Development, Centre for Environment Education (CEE), in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board.


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