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It’s 4:00 PM, and a group of children make their way into a house after their school hours, especially determined and enthusiastic about the day’s lessons. This is no school, but truly a home of learning. The kind lady who lights these candles of enlightenment, Ritu Abbhi, settles these children down into the day’s class. The children gravitate towards her, undoubtedly, like a field full of sunflowers do to the sun.

Sprawled across her living room, these children are in the comfort of the house of their guru. Ritu is engrossed as she is laughing along with the children, encouraging them, teaching them, and all the while, being the wind beneath their sails.

Open to children aged from 5 to 14, the only criteria Ritu emphasises on is that the children must be from a background where access to education or supportive education is barred owing to financial constraints. She teaches them all subjects being taught at schools according to the level they are each exposed to, which includes maths, language, science and social studies.

Ritu Abbhi is proving that one does not need huge resources to bring a change. By conducting classes in her living room, she is transforming many lives in a simple way.

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