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A Journey from Selling Newspapers to Cracking IIT-JEE


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Anand Kumar of Super 30 fame shared an awe-inspiring story of one of her students. Anand wrote about Shivangi, who went from selling newspapers with her father to cracking IIT-JEE and making everyone proud.

Shivangi belongs to a small town in Uttar Pradesh, 60 km from Kanpur. She used to sell newspapers and magazines with her father. But despite the hardships, Shivangi did not give up on studies. She would study at every given opportunity, and finished her intermediate education from a government school in Deha, Uttar Pradesh.

One day Shivangi read about Super 30 and decided to visit Anand. Soon she was a part of the institution, learning and preparing for IIT-JEE, one of the most difficult and competitive entrance exams in the world. Shivangi gelled easily with Anand’s family, calling his mother ‘dadi’ and often sleeping next to her when she suffered from poor health.

Shivangi cracked the IIT-JEE, completed her studies from IIT Roorkee and is happily employed now. 

Uttar Hamara is proud of Shivangi for being a true inspiration to students!  

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