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“I grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Right now I’m working as a cleaning help, which basically means cleaning up gardens and roads. I believe in dignity of labour and go out of my way to do things with utmost dedication. Just this, isn’t the story of my life” says Ramji Gaurav. Look at the world from Ramji’s eyes and you’ll see how optimism, conviction and hard work can change your perspective and even your life.


“I’m a father of two beautiful kids, I’m a student of MA sociology, I’m a pianist and I’m a dreamer who likes to work for his dreams. I really do think that once I complete my educational qualifications, I’ll be a teacher in a good school” Ramji adds all while having an expansive smile on his face.


Look around at places that surround you; look and be amazed! You never know when a happiness magnet like Ramji makes an ordinary day, an extraordinary one.

Uttar Hamara

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