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How Will CM Akhilesh Yadav’s “Shakti Pari” Initiative Enable Women Safety and Empowerment? Read to Know

shakti pari (power angel) towards women empowerment in up reviewmantra

Women empowerment has always been a burning topic in our country since time immemorial. In the present days, it has gained even much more importance and every citizen must promote the concept of empowerment. This is what has been recently implemented in Uttar Pradesh, India and is one of the really appreciable efforts undertaken under the current UP government.

Hon. Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav has launched the Power Angels initiative or the Shakti Pari initiative under 1090 in order to enable better redressal of women’s safety concerns. This initiative mainly aims to foster police-citizen partnership and promote a safer place for the women. It would also help in generating trust between the police and women so that a better service is provided to them.

The power angels initiative is related to the women helpline number 1090. Around 2 lakh women would be appointed as ‘Power Angels’ to be special police officers. Through this way, the crime rates will also be reduced and synchronization would start building up between the police and the public. This unique initiative which is first of its kind would also generate many opportunities for women.

2 lakh female students would be selected as Shakti Pari and would be given the post of a special police officer. This would promote the girls and especially the uneducated village women. The CM himself would be giving out the introductory letter himself to 25 out of all selected women candidates. On 14th October 2016, 450 power angels have already received their SPO position. This event of Shakti Pari card distribution was organized in the auditorium of Lok Bhawan. With the help of women Power Line 1090, service is being provided to all those village areas that are situated far off. To instill the concept of women empowerment among all the citizens, this initiative is very important as well as would create awareness among all.

In order to have an experience in women empowerment field, a dream project would be started that would include 2 lakh candidates from high school and other higher educational institutions. These candidates would be selected as Shakti Pari (Power Angels) and would be made to focus and have a strong aim towards being the special police officer. These efforts of UP CM Akhilesh Yadav towards women empowerment are really appreciable and praiseworthy. Those 2 lakh power angels who are working for 1090 helpline would be receiving the special post.

UP CM Akhilesh Yadav has mentioned that recently the crime rates are on the rise within the state and the Samajwadi Party has taken efforts to curb them. Through 1090 much of the help has been provided to the women and the girls. All the stalls must not be removed from the 1090 crossroads and after the completion of river front 1090 would become very important. The power angels would be responsible for the reducing the eve teasing crime rates to some extent.

Any female citizen can register for a power angel. The steps to be followed are enlisted below:

  1. First of all, you need to visit the website and then select your city and your college.
  2. Fill in your complete details like name, address, phone, photograph and others.
  3. Fill in your parent’s contact number as well as the contact number of the principal of your school.
  4. Also, fill in an emergency contact number.
  5. After these filling up processes a unique id would be generated for the candidate.
  6. The candidate’s family and school will be called up and the provided information will be verified about the candidate.
  7. After the process of verification then only the power angel card is issued.

As quoted from UP CM Akhilesh Yadav’s tweet “Little angels kicked off the Power Angels card distribution ceremony with their performance. Women Power Line.” The card distribution ceremony began with the performance of the kids. The CM also mentioned that the 1090 crossroads would be lit up till 3 A.M. and many people have got employment there at 1090 cross roads.

Thus, we find that this kind of initiative will surely generate women empowerment in our country. Uttar Pradesh can prove to be a role model for other states. There are other states facing a higher level of crime rates relating to women. The difference lies that Uttar Pradesh has geared up to take some steps to curb these crimes while others not. Hence, we find that the efforts and steps of the Samajwadi party are really appreciable.

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