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Image Source – businessstandard.com

Image Source – businessstandard.com

May 04, 2016

Uttar Pradesh government has decided to draft UP Youth Policy 2016 to realise full potential of the state’s youth and develop their capabilities.

UP Chief Secretary Alok Ranjan has recently issued directions for preparing the draft of the State Youth Policy 2016 at the earliest. The Planning department has been asked to constitute a coordination committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary after forming a Youth Cell.

Every department has been instructed to make budgetary provision for the youth out of their total allocated budget. The departments would have to provide detail of actions taken for the progress and development of youth under their schemes. Under the Policy, youth upto the age of 30 years would be encouraged towards their overall development.

A working plan would be prepared to develop an empowered young generation in the state, to face prospective challenges successfully. In this direction, a targeted programme would be conducted to inform youth about health and preventive methods.

Policy Objective

The Youth Policy would aim at creating a platform to ensuring contribution of youth in the development schemes.

Youth and Sports Departments will work together

Image Source – uttarpradeshsports.com

Image Source – uttarpradeshsports.com

Uttar Pradesh Sports Policy 2016, which has been recently introduced by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, would also work in co-ordination with the Youth Policy 2016 to develop sportsman spirit in the youth. The sports departments would conduct a campaign in coordination with other departments to encourage youth to adopt sports, physical education and Yoga.

Special Facts about Youth Policy 2016

  1. Equitable economic opportunities would be created for the youth belonging to the deprived sections.
  2. A multi-point programme would be prepared for the differently-abled, while cooperation from the youth would be towards eradicating social ills.
  3. Career counselling and coaching would also be supplemented with consultancy counselling in schools.
  4. The youth would be trained in minimising the loss due to natural and human created calamities as well as disaster management through youth welfare department, disaster management authority, voluntary organisations etc.



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