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Discovering Secret of Streets, Varanasi 3.0

On the auspicious occasion of “Dev Depawali”, a Four Day Street Photography Workshop, has been organized, at Varanasi, from 1st to 4th November 2017.

This four day Photography Workshop is designed for advanced photographers as well as beginners. This comprehensive workshop mainly focuses on practical functions. This workshop will help you to build up a solid understanding of composition and visual literacy in street photography. In this Four days workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of street photography, how to capture “the decisive moment”, how to interact with people in the street and how to conquer your fear of shooting at streets. You will be given guidance to discover your style in street photography, and how to work on meaningful projects that you will continue to pursue after the workshop.

The workshop has 20% theoretical aspects and 80% practical. Come and join this workshop for finding street stories in the magical light of winter, on the auspicious occasion of “Dev Depawali”. Learning to capture street portraits and making street stories will be the two main concentrations in this workshop with hands-on experience. These four days workshop will help you to find the core concept of photography. Besides discovering your own inspiring trigger, you will be guided towards achieving mastery in street photography. To find your style and to discover the secret of street photography enrol decisively in this workshop.

Mentor Apratim Saha will intensely go through each participant’s work during class and will elaborately instruct each one in the field. The mentor will thoroughly help out students to learn photography exclusively.

After the workshop, participants will have a boarder understanding of how to work to create amazing photography projects of their own. To complete this course all participants must have genuine interest and passion for photography at first, the camera is next.

The main intention of this comprehensive workshop is helping participants on practical application. Apratim Saha will thoroughly help out students to learn photography independently. In a location of the outdoor practical shooting, Apratim will thoroughly help each participant passionately and according to their individual needs. Do not miss the golden opportunity of being part of this.

Dates: 2nd – 5th November, 2017

Place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Fees: 18000 INR for Indian Participants
450 USD for Foreign Participants
(Including accommodation and food)

Total students: Maximum 25 participants
Teaching language: English, Hindi & Bengali

To apply e-mail at: [email protected]

Phone: +91 8900702900 / +91 8509333385

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