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May 03, 2016

People should not live in glass houses and go amidst the poor and downtrodden people. Allow them access to you and fulfil their genuine demands instead. ~ Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh

Focusing on the drought-hit Bundelkhand region, Uttar Pradesh government has recently allocated over Rs 1,400 crore for it in its 2016-17 annual budget for various projects.

Budgetary allocation for Water Scarcity

Image Source - c1.staticflickr.com

Image Source – c1.staticflickr.com

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has increased resources for various projects for the region in budget 2016-17 as under-

  1. The fund size of special projects for Bundelkhand has been increased from Rs 71.50 crore to Rs 200 crore and a proposal worth Rs 200 crore has been reserved for making special arrangements for potable water.
  1. Another Rs 500 crore has been proposed for surface source-based rural potable water project and Rs 338 crore for special projects for the region.
  1. A provision of Rs 150 crore has been set aside for multi- purpose irrigation project on Betwa River in Jhansi.
  1. Rs 2 crore for tankers to provide potable water in the region. There is a provision of Rs 15 crore for setting up Tilhan plant in the region.
  1. Special efforts are being made to address the issues confronting the area spread over seven districts – Banda, Chitrakoot, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Jhansi, Jalaun and Lalitpur.
  1. A special grant of Rs 40 crore for installation of new hand pumps in the region.

Implemented Food Security Act

Image Source – twitter.com

Image Source – twitter.com

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has recently toured drought-affected Bundelkhand twice in 19 days and distributed food to the starving. He has also implemented Food Security Act in Bundelkhand and distribution ration to 2.30 lakh families in all seven districts of Bundelkhand every month. The other relief measures announced include increasing the number of work days under MGNREGS, extending Samajwadi Pension scheme to all eligible families and 24 hours power supply.

Akhilesh Yadav has also announced a new stadium and flyover for famine hit Bundelkhand and Rs 3500 crore has already been sanctioned for hailstorm affected areas in Bundelkhand.


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