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Akhilesh Yadav Government’s ‘Rojgar Mela’ Generates Employment Opportunities for Youths


Uttar Pradesh, the state located in the northern part of India is one of the emerging and developing states due to its recent past few activities. Recently, in the month of May, the Uttar Pradesh government had held the Rojgar Mela for 4 days i.e. from 16th May 2016 to 19th May 2016 at Lucknow. All those candidates who are in the need of UP government jobs had a fair chance through this Rojgar Mela. This decision of UP government to generate employment opportunities for the present youths is an appreciable act.

By conducting the UP Rojgar Mela 2016, a large number of job vacancies has been made available to the youths of today. A total of 8827 job vacancies were there. As the days are passing the unemployment levels are increasing. Many youths of today are still unemployed. With the help of this job fair, a wide number of opportunities would open up for the citizens of the country. The UP Job Fair was one of the biggest job fairs in India. For 8827 vacancies, the UP Rojgar Mela Registration had to be done so that the candidates can participate in the job fair. This job fair was held in Lucknow and had openings both for the government as well as private jobs. All these job opportunities were present in various sectors including IT sector, Medical sector, Service sector and Manufacturing sector.

All the candidates who applied for these jobs had to clear the written test and then face the group discussions and personal interview. After clearing out all these rounds, the candidates were called for document verification and then finally the selection list was out. With this wonderful job opportunity, the candidates will surely have a stable career after graduation. During this Rojgar Mela, a total of 42 private companies participated. Few of them include TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Synex India, SIS Securities, G4 Security, U Certify Parle Ergo, Unicode and many more.

On the closing day of this Rojgar Mela, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Akhilesh Yadav distributed the joining letters to all those candidates who have been selected for their respective jobs. A total of 2200 youngsters got jobs according to their qualifications and interview process. The IT sector had vacancies up to 1595, the medical sector had 31 vacancies, the service sector had 5936 jobs and the manufacturing sector had 1225 jobs. Also for boys 7036 vacancies were available and 1791 jobs were available both for boys as well as girls.

After conduction of the Rojgar Mela, it was found that with this kind of job fair a candidate can surely grab a chance towards a successful career and future. It acts as a source of encouragement for the present youths who are still unemployed. Due to the lack of job opportunities and with the problem of increasing population, the country is unable to satisfy all the citizens with respect to employment generation. But with the help of these kinds of job fairs, we can provide a better future to the current youths to some extent. It is the best opportunity for the unemployed youths that the jobs are there at their doorsteps.

The Lucknow Rojgar Mela, 2016 is one of the right ways for the candidates to be selected for various vacant positions in the employment sector. It can attract a large number of youths and also improve the employment sector of the country. By conducting these fairs, there will surely be a reduction in the number of unemployed youths which means that the state, as well as the country, would have a prosperous, stable and better future. The economic growth and development would be achieved slowly and steadily by eliminating the problem of unemployment.

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