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Akhilesh-Rahul Joint Rally in Meerut: The UPCM Striking a Chord with the Youngsters

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February 07, 2017

Uttar Pradesh assembly elections have just been injected with a heavy dose of youth optics in the new-found bonhomie between UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. The newly formed alliance addressed their second joint rally today in Meerut.

At Meerut’s Nauchandi Chowk, amid batches of placard carrying Congress and Samajwadi workers who keep streaming in for Akhilesh-Rahul joint rally, Uttar Hamara team felt the energy of the young. The Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance has got the buzz right and it’s drowning out the BJP and the BSP. Akhilesh has struck a chord with youngsters which might carry him and the alliance a long way.


The young men at the venue quickly started chanting Akhilesh Bhai Ko Jitana Hai (We have to ensure Akhilesh’s victory). It’s after all a Samajwadi Party rally. Step beyond the rather cramped space, the buzz refuses to disappear.

Akhilesh Yadav, reacting to the Modi’s SCAM jibe, wondered why Prime Minister Narendra Modi included BSP supremo Mayawati’s name despite the Bharatiya Janta Party allying with her party “thrice to form government in the past”.

“I wonder why PM included Mayawati’s name in ‘SCAM’, they have allied thrice to form govt. in Uttar Pradesh,” Akhilesh said.

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Speaking after Akhilesh, Rahul Gandhi also attacked PM Modi: “Modi ji comes and spreads hatred. We want to tell Modi ji that Uttar Pradesh stands united and that it cannot be broken.”

The ideological make up of Samajwadi Party and Congress are dynastic and looking towards at the larger picture. Their coming together (alliance) could act as a magnet for the Nation’s growth!

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