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7 Times Dimple Yadav Touched Hearts of Thousands of People in Uttar Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh General Assembly Elections 2017 are nothing short of a star-studded blockbuster with exciting twists and unexpected statements. While all the other parties have celebrities campaigning, in lieu of wooing the voters, Samajwadi Party has its own star campaigner-Dimple Yadav. Despite a male dominated society, UP polity has recognized this woman leader as a strong competitor who has conviction and power. Chief Minister’s demure wife and two times MP from Kannauj, has created quite a stir in her recent rallies across Uttar Pradesh.

Let us see top 7 statements made by Dimple Yadav, which have marked her as a great leader in times to come.


She has been the voice of women empowerment in Uttar Pradesh and the force behind state’s internationally acclaimed 1090 Women Powerline along with Rani Lakshmi Bai Award.

“We have connected 55 lakh women with our Samajwadi Pension Yojana. Even the Supreme Court has acknowledged this beautiful scheme. In the coming times, we will also provide Pressure Cooker to women. Samajwadi Government will give 33% reservation to women in government jobs and also remove age-limit for them.”

 -Samajwadi Party, Member of Parliament, Smt. Dimple Yadav


 Dimple Yadav has not shied away from challenging the derogatory questions raised by the opposing BJP, on the law and order of the state. Armed with all complete facts and figures, she showed the people, the actual truth.

 “Serious and incorrect charges are being pressed against Uttar Pradesh on Law and Order. Whereas, BJP ruled states are number 1 in criminal activities. After Akhilesh Yadav became the Chief Minister, there has been a 16% decrease in crime against women in the state. Why are the central ministers not going to states where the crime rate is actually high like Kutchh in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh? They should implement our Dial 100 service across the country. Even after having 70 MPs in Uttar Pradesh, has BJP done anything for the state?”

-Samajwadi Party, Member of Parliament, Smt. Dimple Yadav



The MP from Kannauj focused on the development done by Samajwadi Government in Uttar Pradesh in the last 5 years and Party’s big plans for the state; after all ‘Kaam Bolta Hai’.

“Samajwadi Government has worked by creating a complete balance. Where on one hand we have worked on developing the rural areas and connected with them, on the other we have given a make-over to the urban area, as well. All the promises made by Samajwadi Party in their manifestos, have been fulfilled. 108 Ambulance is benefitting people across the state. Now, we are going to introduce the same facility of getting help, at your doorsteps, for your animals.”

 -Samajwadi Party, Member of Parliament, Smt. Dimple Yadav



Dimple Yadav, who might look fragile is extremely strong from within. Her this persona has made her extremely popular amongst the people as a progressive leader. She speaks about the upliftment of the children of the society because they are our future.

“We have given laptops to the students of Uttar Pradesh, in the same way, we will now give then smartphones. This will connect them directly to the government schemes. We will give free bicycles to girls studying in class 10th and 12th. One Kg Ghee and Milk Powder will be given to all children. I am sure Samajwadi Party will form a government, once again.”

 -Samajwadi Party, Member of Parliament, Smt. Dimple Yadav



Not neglecting the farmers, just like Samajwadi Party, Dimple Yadav highlights the development schemes running for them.

“Samajwadi Party has always worked for the upliftment of the farmers. We are with the poor. Where, 5 lakhs were given for Farmer Insurance in the past, it will be increased to 7 lakhs. Samajwadi Government constructed Agra-Lucknow Expressway in record 2 years. No other government has done such work, across India. This Expressway will have Farmer Markets and Training Institutes. Samajwadi Government has given free irrigation to farmers. All districts have been connected with 4 lane roads.”

 -Samajwadi Party, Member of Parliament, Smt. Dimple Yadav



One of her most recent and spectacular speeches included her referring to a Bollywood super hit number, which directly questioned BJP’s intentions. This showed her wit, good sense of humour, and love for Uttar Pradesh.She said, “Mere angne mein tumhara kya kaam hai. Jo hai naam wala, wahi to badnaam hai.” This translates to telling the opposition to stay away from her business and state and only those who are famous are the ones who are defamed.


In a rally through the state capital, she was asked about her take on the upcoming elections. Her reply was clear and well-appreciated by the people.

“In the first phase, Cycle picked up good pace. It is moving even faster in the second phase. The people have decided to elect Akhilesh Yadav as their Chief Minister, once again.”

 -Samajwadi Party, Member of Parliament, Smt. Dimple Yadav


People of Uttar Pradesh love Dimple Yadav like one of her own. She is fondly referred to as, ‘Bhabhi Ji’ and her perseverance, confidence, and nurturing spirit has truly made her a trademark of empowerment.

India truly needs to have more politicians like Dimple Yadav who make people feel right about democracy in their nation.

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