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5 Things PM Modi Should Focus on Instead of Targeting UPCM

Uttar Pradesh, as it’s ever been called, is India’s weightiest state. UP itself sits next to Delhi, India’s capital, and its politics are seen as a springboard for the national stage. It seems that our current prime minister Narendra Modi, is too kicked about the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections especially as the results are inching closer. Perhaps that’s why he has forgotten about some important issues that need his primary focus.

PM Modi needs to focus on these 5 things more than anything.

1. Improve Law and Order Situation in BJP Ruling States

PM Modi seems to be really confident of the Law and Order situation in India, but BJP ruled states have some contrasting figures for the same.

Modi ji and other BJP leaders have been targeting Law and Order situation in Uttar Pradesh, however BJP ruling state, Madhya Pradesh tops the list in crime against women with the highest number of rapes in India. BJP government should learn from UPCM Akhilesh Yadav and focus on implementing revolutionary schemes like UP-100 and 1090 Women Power Line to check crime rates in their states.

2. Growing India’s GDP

The current scenario of India’s GDP growth is dropping like never before.

Indian economy grew at the slowest pace in last six quarters at 7.1 % in the April-June period of the last fiscal year. GDP had recorded 7.5 % in 2015-16, and 6.6 % in the 2014-15 fiscal. According to the data released by Central Statistics Office (CSO), the economic activities have shown a growth of only 7 % in the April-June quarter, in which growth in agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and construction are estimated to be 1.8 %, 0.4 % and 1.5 % respectively.

The negative GDP growth perhaps is the Narendra Modi government’s biggest challenge-both economically and politically in the Uttar Pradesh battlefield, where the current ruling government has done great efforts towards increasing the overall GDP of the state.

3. Providing Jobs

Why not provide jobs to the struggling youth if you have promised for the same?

India is currently under jobless growth, an economic phenomenon in which a macro economy experiences growth while decreasing its level of employment. The expansion in India’s formal workforce is declining and the reasons are: falling exports, weak manufacturing, lack of momentum in infrastructure, and listless private investment, among others. There’s a chance of India facing the risk of stagnation under massive unemployment, and if steps are not taken, this will worsen the job scenario in India.

PM Modi should focus on increasing the number of jobs (as promised) instead of targeting UPCM Akhilesh Yadav, who has provided lakhs of job opportunities to the youth of Uttar Pradesh youth. To be precise, Akhilesh government has provided 8.5 lak job opportunities and established 1.6 lakh MSMEs according to the ASSOCHAM study. UP has also been highly acclaimed and awarded for its Skill Development Mission.

Modi ji, you know what to focus on now.

4. Disclosing Black Money Account Holders

The most significant and primary function that the central government could perform is becoming transparent to the people who are the reason for the existing government. If Modi ji can announce demonetization overnight, why can’t he give a detailed account statement of all the black money holders in India? Atleast, the people of the nation deserve to know how why notebandi was imposed upon them without any notice and what has been the outcome of the same. Jawab dijiye please!

5. Getting His Facts Right

Manipulating facts and figures for own interests to confuse public is unacceptable.

Failed to bring ‘Acche Din’, Narendra Modi has several times quoted data to back his government’s good work but faced a controversy due to ‘many’ false claims. Here’s the list:

  1. PM Modi claimed that ‘India is the fastest growing country in the world’, but the fact is India is the fourth fastest growing economy in the world.
  2. PM Modi accused Akhilesh Yadav government for not providing enough power supply in Varanasi but the truth came out showing the fact that SP government has provided 24-hour electricity in PM’s own constituency Varanasi.
  3. Citing a CAG draft report “exposing” Modi government’s claim of saving only Rs 2,000 crore against claims of Rs 22,000 crore, Congress has recently attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying it is time he “gives up” his “false claims, hollow assertions and exaggerated rhetoric”.
  4. PM also claimed that the ‘country’s 3 crore poor families have been provided LPG connections and it has never happened before’, but the truth is that only 60 lakh connections were purchased till the time.

Despite Achhe Din, it’s Bad Days for projects on the ground!

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