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5 Reforms the Uttar Pradesh Government Has Brought in for its Youth


Having the world’s youngest population, India has a responsibility towards the world and itself. Being the most populous state in the country, Uttar Pradesh shoulders this responsibility to a large extent. The best way to ensure that the country and the state progress properly is to ensure the education and employment of its youth.

There has been a record shift in the literacy rate of UP, from 56.27% in 2001 to 70% in 2011. Though there is still a long way to go, the Akhilesh Yadav-led UP government has brought in several reforms to uplift its youth and here a few worth a mention:

#1. Through various programs, the youth has been given employment and vocational training

In order to get jobs, people require skills and that is exactly what the education system teaches, partially. The government is addressing this concern under the Skill Development Mission. Through online registration, various training programs can be applied for. There is a lot more to be done but a tiny step shows that under the Urban Livelihood Mission, 18,550 people have been trained in different trades and jobs.

#2. Various incentives for higher education have been put to work by the state

Nearly 18 million students were distributed free laptops. Under the Kanya Vidya Dhan scheme, thirty thousand rupees were given to various meritorious girl students in order to encourage them. For the welfare of minority students, the state has established the Rafiqul Mulq Mulayam Singh Yadav Study Center in Lucknow.

#3. Fresh recruitment has been a constant trend when it comes to creating jobs for students freshly out of college

In various aided private colleges, 1,234 teaching posts were created. From police constable to inspector, 68,000 posts have been inquired about. In primary schools, 72, 852 teachers who have cleared BEd and TET training were recruited. Whereas 29,334 positions in upper primary schools, in science / mathematics teachers were recruited directly. 1,32,442 Assistant Teacher Education posts were filled as well. This shows a bright picture in terms of availability of jobs for people freshly out of college.

#4. There have been incentives for sports players and along with that, infrastructure has been provided for them in ways to encourage more participation

Under this program, UP has seen development in terms of the International Cricket Stadium, International football stadium and the Cycling Academy. Medalists of the International Olympic Games, World Cup, World Championships, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games from the state will be given direct recruitment to various respected posts.

#5. Various steps have been taken to empower and protect women

Women Power Line, ‘Shakti 1090’, and Women Security App 1090 have been initiated and kept active under this program. The state has also installed security cells for women for the first time. Rani Bravery Award Scheme for Empowerment has been developed under the same initiative. For women suffering from acid attacks and other heinous crimes, various subsidies and provision of free medical treatment have been inculcated.

70 acid attack victims have already been given 3 lakhs as aid, already. 11 crore rupees have been utilized to establish Flame of Hope Centre in 11 districts of the state. For all the women who work, a bus service named Pink Bus Service has been operating for a while now.


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